Onsite Registration / Badging

MeetMax CheckIn™ is an integrated onsite badging solution for your events.

Connected directly to MeetMax

MeetMax CheckIn™ is a complete hardware and software solution for fast and reliable on-demand badge printing, fully integrated with MeetMax.

Self-service schedule printing

Schedule-printing kiosks provide Attendees fast and easy access to their entire schedule of meetings, sessions and activities with a quick scan of their badge.

Find out what Attendees value

MeetMax CheckIn™ uses RFID embedded badges to work directly with MeetMax Scantracker™ so you can know which engagements they attend.

A complete onsite registration solution

MeetMax Checkin provides the onsite equipment you need to print badges for your Attendees. We work with you on badge layout design, and how many stations you need - and then we provide onsite:

  • A badge technician to set up the desk.
  • An onsite server to drive printing, regardless of internet reliability.
  • As many badge printers and QR scanners as you need to keep checkin lines moving quickly.
  • Self-service counters or clerk-operated or both.
  • [customized badging designs/stock]

All badge access, and walk-in data is integrated directly with MeetMax for a complete record of who came to your event, and when they arrived on-site.

Take your CheckIn setup to the next level by making use of CheckIn Alerts which can be used to trigger notification emails to key event staff when specific attendees get checked in.

Schedule Printing Kiosks

Do your Attendees have highly personalized schedules? Then let them print the most up-to-date copy in seconds by swiping the QR code on their badge. This way they will never miss a meeting, a session, or an activity and they have a sheet to make notes on.

What do Attendees value?

The badge is the key to knowing what your Attendees are doing - which is vital business intelligence for you to determine what sessions are popular and what Exhibitors get visited. By using MeetMax Checkin™ for badging - you open the door to many opportunities.

QR Code - MeetMax Checkin routinely adds a proprietary QR code to badge for the following purposes:

  • By Attendee to access personal schedule at the Schedule Printing Kiosk.
  • By MeetMax ScanTracker clerks to do basic low-volume Attendee Tracking.
  • By Exhibitors for Lead Retrieval using MeetMax LeadTracker.
  • RFID Tracking can deployed as well, by affixing an encoded tag to each badge as it gets printed. Find out more about this technology by checking out MeetMax ScanTracker™ in our attendance tracking tools.

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